Listen I’m not saying Parle-G is the BEST biscuit out there-ok, no, that’s exactly what I’m saying, it’s the best because it has that mix of ghar and bachpan wali feels, and the fact that it is so sasta and tikau is just ultimate level of chef kiss!

This is an appreciation post for our one true love!



Like, Parle-G is not just a biscuit ok. It’s a life saving mechanism for all species combined. From kutta, billi, bandar to insaan namak jaanwar, everybody can have (and survive, happily) on Parle-G. Aur kitni versatility chahiye mitron?


Moreover, tapri pe baeth ke Chai and Parle-G is the ultimate level of “saari thakan chali gayi”. Also, kuch log yahi paani and Parle-G ke saath bhi enjoy kar lete hai. Koi nahi, I don’t judge you. Parle-G goes with everything.



Simply, Parle-G feels like home because of the absolute emotional attachment to it. Aur nahi toh kya, it was probably the first ever biscuit most of us ever had (& carried in our tiffin boxes almost everyday to school) and most of us visited its factory on an “educational school trip”

Parle-G is like MDH ke uncle: NEVER GETS OLD. Guess our bachhon ke bachhon ke bacche are gonna fangirl over Parle-G as well.



And the ICONIC Parle-G cover girl!

Idk what she life confusing situation she’s going through, but same. Like, if I had to choose a reaction photo to describe my whole existence on Earth, I’d probably choose this photo.

Par Kabhi Kabhi packet kholne se pehle existential crisis ho jaata hai iski photo dekh kar. “kya? ye kya kar rahe ho apni life ke saath?”



Also, Parle-G is literally older than Swatantrata Bharat. Really, it might be a little too early, but I’d like to propose 2038 be called “The Year of Parle-G” for their 100th anniversary. Itna customer loyalty hai mera sacchi.

But has it ever happened to you that you spend hours turning the kitchen upside down to find something to eat as midnight snack but find nothing worth so you just pick a Parle-G ka pack and go back to your room?

Exactly. It always has your back no matter how many times you treat it like the last option. Stop taking it for granted.



Don’t get me wrong, I love Hide n Seek, Milano, JimJams, Oreo and Milk Bikis, but Parle-G hits different with that vanilla-like taste (pls tell me I’m not the only one)

I feel like binging on another chhotu pack to make my point clearer hehe. Lo Chali main