Honestly, I have had my share of namkeens all my life (something that I’m v proud of) but there’s just one namkeen that has probably stayed through all my moods, exams, movies,heartbreaks, 3 am existential crisis and that’s ~Aloo Bhujia~

People come & go, but aloo bhujia is for life!

aloo bhujiya namkeen kept in a bowl and a glass of tea
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Not to be dramatic or anything, but Aloo Bhujiya is like the god’s gift to humanity!

No, sacchi, it’s like a wholesome pack of saste nashe and I am glad live in the day and age to experience it.

And just exactly how versatile is aloo bhujia?! You can literally sprinkle it on anything and that thing will for sure taste 10x better. It’s a fact.

Sandwiches, Maggi, Masala cucumber, bread pizza, fruit salad, you name it. Don’t tell me you’ve never tried it because you is lying.

Itni variety aur diversity ke saath saath, the fact that Aloo Bhujia is so affordable is beyond my one brain-cells economic understanding. Matlab aapke local vendors se leke South Mumbai ke posh houses tak, harr insaan Aloo Bhujia ka fan hai. And the thing is, Aloo Bhujia ek emotion hai. Nobody cares for the brand, chahe Haldiram ya Bikaner, Green ho ya Red, if it’s Aloo Bhujiya, WE BUYING BICHES.

aloo bhujiya namkeen kept in a white color plate
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ALSO, how good is that oily masala that gets left behind in the katori after you finish snacking this majestic namkeen? I am not proud of this, but you’d end believing that the katori was never eve used because of my not-so-civil ways of finishin whatever’s left in the apparatus.

The leftover masala is the shiz! *drools*

Plus, Aloo Bhujiya comes in like 10 different flavours. Plain Aloo Bhujiya, Classic Aloo Bhujiya, Nimboo Masala and what not!! So I mean really, all those people who still don’t like it, I just gotta ask, “??????? ????????? (and the ones who do, you’re already my friends)

And NOTHING. I mean NOTHING beats aloo bhujiya, definitely not your posh shahi mixture or navratan with kaju kishmish badam & what not nuts?!?!

Sharam kijiye thoda.

I can literally write 10 more slides talking about why aloo bhujia is the best thing ever, but I’m legit craving it now after writing so much about it, brb going downstairs to get it.

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