Hoping that you are all caught up with the recommendations from part 1 of anime watch guide for the beginners and adding more to that list here’s a list of anime films you can watch if you’re also a beginner.

in picture characters from the anime movie acean waves
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Into the forest of fireflies’ light

in photo characters from the show into the forest of fireflies' light
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You know, how there are some things that leave you dying for more when they end?? With 44 minutes of running time, this movie is just that. 6-year old Hotaru meets a masked person in a forest who, although appears to be very kind, warns Hotaru to stay away from him. But why???


A Silent Voice

in picture characters from the anime movie a slient voice looking at each other and smiling
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Get ready to cry buckets because this one is gonna hit you like a truck. One of the most beautiful films I’ve ever watched, it’s insane how they handled subjects like teen bullying, mental health & suicide.

Read about the visual metaphors in the film after you have watched it, you’ll grow to appreciate it even more. Highly recommend.

Wolf Children

in picture characters from the anime movie the wolf children where a mother is carrying her two children
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Wolf Children has some of the most adorable characters you will see. Hana loses her werewolf husband and is raising her wolf children alone, having no idea of how to cultivate their animal instincts into acceptable human nature. The movie has been animated beautifully with the climax morphing into a hair-raising montage.

When Marnie was there

in picture characters from the anime movie when marie was there, two children running aside a lake shore
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Remember, how you visited a place you think you already know but it’s the first strike you’re there?? This film is based upon some serious déjà vu, where Anna makes friends with Marnie who is a mysterious as the mansion she lives in. The movie has some amazing montage of coastal sceneries and swamps and is sure to leave you in a daze.


My neighbour Totoro

in photo the characeters from the movie my neighbour totoro sitting on the bark of a tree
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One of the most iconic Ghibli movie, the character Totoro is the mascot of Ghibli Studios and one of the most recognisable characters in the anime world. Satsuki and her sister Mei, movie into an old house and make friends with the forest spirit, Totoro who looks like a giant rabbit and is equally adorable. Watch for a guaranteed no-disappointment weekend.


Ocean Waves

in picture the characters from the anime movie ocean waves, sitting by the ocean side and talking
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Ocean waves was one of the earlier projects of Ghibli Studios, specifically targeted to be low budgeted and it turned out to be a really charming movie with a simplistic plot. A story about high school friends and how they fell apart over unsaid feelings… Waves speaks of sentiments in its Realistic movies tend to have a special place in my heart and Ocean truest form.



in picture characters from the anime movie akira
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Akira is one of the most important cult classic movies of all time. The fact that it was made in 1988 makes it so much more amazing with such fluid animation and nail-biting chase sequences. In a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Kaneda and his biker gang are caught up in something they never knew existed in the corrupt and rotten city.

For all you cyberpunk fans, this movie is an experience of a lifetime!!!


The secret world of Arrietty

in photo characters from the anime movie the secret world of arrietty holding a big leaf as cover from rain
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Sho befriends a young girl who is about the length of his palm!! Arrietty and her family-called the little people have been living under house for years without being discovered and when Sho moves in, things change, but for better or worse. Ghibli movies have characters you fall in love with immediately and with great music and alluring visuals, it just goes +1 with every bit.


Ghost in the shell

in picture character from the anime movie ghost in the shell
Source: slashfilm.com

Another kickass cyberpunk entry, Ghost in the Shell is a spine-chilling tale of a world where human brains can be implanted in cybernetic bodies that have access to networks around the world. The film has some amazing visuals and the background score is so on-point, it actually stresses you out during the action sequences. This is one thing you can’t miss!!

Binge on this list and we’ll be back with more of these recommendations !