Ever thought about finally starting to watch Anime Series and wondered which one to start with. Here is a list of Anime Series that you should watch if you are also a beginner.



One of the most well-known and impactful series in the anime world, this is the story of Naruto Uzumaki and his journey from being a trouble-making runt to becoming the Hokage of his village. The show features extensive character development, crazy plot twists and heart rending background themes by Toshio Masuda.



Haikyuu means Volleyball in Japanese and that’s what the series is about. The best thing about Haikyuu is the individual character development of all the characters and the occasional funny jabs make it even more fun. So intense, so amazing. One of my favorites!

Haruichi Furudate wrote the series as a gritty tale of passion and love for the sport and a dialogue from an episode goes like, “Don’t you dare look down. Hold your heads high, because Volleyball is a sport where we are always looking up.”


Attack on Titan

AOT is one of the most critically acclaimed anime series with an award-winning soundtrack and a gripping story line. It is set in a world plagued with man-eating titans and a small civilization of humans trying to fend them off inside 100 ft height walls. The plot twists and the SHEER BRUTALITY of the writing makes you wanna bite your tongue.



The first 12 episodes of Steins;Gate might bore you to hell and you will questions the relevance of the events taking place but the next 12 take you on a roller-coaster ride with every event connecting to an unexpected outcome and you can’t help but marvel at the genius of the writer.
PS: It is based on time travel. Get ready to be mindfucked.


Full Metal Alchemist

The story of two Alchemist brothers on the mission to wash the blemishes of their past and recover what was lost to them- part of their humanity. Critically acclaimed and loved by anime fans everywhere, this is a series you can’t miss.


My hero Academia

A boy with no superpowers living in a world where everyone has them. And to top it off, all he wants to be is a superhero! SO GOOD.

Watch My Hero Academia for awesome animation, lovable characters and a consistent story line.



In many ways, HunterxHunter is the most complete shounen anime, with the most consistent story line and character development. The bond between the main characters, Gon and Killua, will give you serious friendship goals.


Death Note

But before any of those, you need to watch Death Note because it’s the gateway anime! By episode 2, you’ll be hooked and you’ll have one of the best TV show experiences of your life!


From Naruto to Death Note, this list covers all your beginner bases to get started with anime. What are you waiting for?

Let the binging begin !