Angrezi Medium’s theatrical run was cut short because COVID-19 Outbreak, but thankfully it released on Disney+ Hotstar recently. These are the lessons we learned after watching it.

When you’re caught drinking, just play the Reverse UNO card and ask them if they have been drinking instead.

Chhota wala bahot harami hota hai.

Par jitna bhi harami ya annoying ho, aur kitni bhi baar usne tumhari chocolate churayi ho, and no matter how much you fight over the stupidest things all the time, it’s only them who will always be there for you when you actually need someone.

Single parents, who try to be your mother, your father, your friend and your frenemy all at the same time, I don’t know how they do it but man, they are literal superhumans.

Our education system doesn’t care about actual learning. It’s all about marks. Itne marks lao toh ye milega, utne marks lao toh woh milega. Parents also learn this habit from the same old education system that bribes students for good marks. We can’t blame them either. We’re all products of the same system.

You might have to “make time” for them, but they will always have time for you.

Yes, sometimes they might not want you to make your own mistakes. They take the tough decisions for you. But that is because they can’t see you get hurt. It’s like they want you to keep believing in your childhood fairytale because it’s tough seeing you become an independent adult. But don’t be too hard on them. They’ll learn.

Having big dreams is important, but sometimes those dream can be a nightmare for others around you.

Cool jagah se nahi hote, na hi fluent english se hote hai, cool andar se hote hai, aur parents se zyada koi cool kahan ho sakta hai.

And most importantly, jab do boats hil rahi hoti hai, toh hilna hilna cancel hojalata hai and chances of getting shot are higher. #ItsScience