School time was loaded with fun, innocent and happy moments. Going from washroom to classroom to canteen to water cooler, we have a lot of memories hidden at many places in the school. Here is an ode to these school rooms.

few children going up the stairs in school



“Mam, may I go to washroom?” this one sentence etched in our memories forever and passed on from generations to generations.

Taking the longest possible route, peeking in other friends classrooms, actually spending just 2 mins in the washroom & again taking the longest possible route back. This is when I learnt it is never about the destination but the journey.

Washrooms mei hi asli mehfil jamti thi during boring classes. If you know, you know.

photo of empty bathroom stalls


Water Cooler

American schools me they have common rooms, we have water coolers. Yahi dosto se milte the aur saare important life discussions hote the. Heartbreaks, fights, gossips. It was the most social, happening place of any school after canteen.

Also “Bhai meri bottle bhi leja, meri bhi, meri bhi, meri bhi” & next thing you know you’d be carrying 10 water bottles to the water cooler. Responsibility feels max.

few children filling water from the watercooler in school


Staff Room

Only elite of elites were allowed to enter this holy place! Like, literally, idk, enter karne mei bhi kat ti thi. “Tu andar jaa” “Nahi pehle tu andar jaa” “accha, dono ek time enter karenge.” Alag hi level ka kaun tha by god cuz agar ek teacher ne bezzeiti ki, to sare teachers ke saamne hogi.



Medical Room

Is it just me or medical room wali naps just hit different?! Be virtuous all you want to be, but we all are guilty of faking some illness and going to the medical room just to escape that class test or cuz homework nahi kara. And sometimes aise ho, kyunki sexy lag raha tha. 

And it was a different level flex when you were actually sick and your parents were called to take you back home for half day! oof. vaise feels chahiye vapas.

a school medical room and a doctor checking a child


Computer Lab

aka AC wala room. It was heaven during summers. Does anyone know why we had to remove shoes before entering computer labs? or why there was always one disabled computer? or why all the boys had to keeda to remove mouse’s trackballs? Aur kharaab computer hamesha mujhe hi kyun milta tha and then mam would spend half the period “fixing” it.

Chupke se doston ke saath CS kheli hai toh mast school life jeeiye ho tum.

a computer lab with many coputer system set up and chairs


Sports Room

Sports room?? more like store room of the school. It had that weird dusky smell and all the possible useless things were kept in one corner. Also every school had that one sport which they were obsessed with toh uski equipments were kept all neat and up to date, rest were just like lying around begging us for “ae khel na, mere saath bhi khel na”

PT sir were either the most useless creature or the most respected person, there was no in between.

Also, there was always a rumor floating that PT sir ka English wali teacher ke saath chal raha hai. Facts.

a school sports room, with different sports equipment lying around


Music Room

Most of the music periods were substituted because poore school ki zimmedari ek hi music teacher pe thi and they were always busyyyy in preparing for kabhi annual function kabhi republic day, kabhi diwali, toh kabhi kuch aur. But whenever we got the chance to go to music room, there was always that one guy who’d just start playing Gulaabi Aankhein without any context.

Auditions were the shiz! You had to sing Gayatri Mantra and sir would go “tu aag laga dega aag” tu Mumbai (read: morning assembly) aa rela hai”

few children playing bongos in the school music room



Whenever I’d tell a teacher that I wanna go to the library in a free period they’d look at me with so much pride & glee In their eyes, jaise maine sach mei library jaake padhai karni ho lol. Ma’am, ground mei jaake gossips karne hai bas mujhe

But when we did go there, it was actually kinda fun.I finished Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Goosebumps and all those bachpan ki books.

Sabse khadoos teacher of the school would be found here. Don’t @ me, facts are facts.




Jitna bhi kar lo, school canteen ke cheap, unhygienic, crowd mei ghuss kar lene wale khaane jaisa taste aur kahi nahi milega tumhe.

15 ke rajma chawal, 15 ke chhole kulche, 10 ki paattieeez, 7 ke Chinese samosa, aur 5 ki frooti. Bas yehi pyaar tha apna.



Fighting, crying, laughing, cheating, learning, falling, first love, and innumerable other pure emotions locked in this building called school. An ode to those joyful days 🙂