Country leader for Alexa, Puneesh Kumar said that Mr. Bachchan’s voice is truly memorable for any Indian who has grown up with Bollywood and watched his movies. The combination as well as synchronization delivers a perfect, mind blowing pitch which would give enough justice to the audience. And thus Indian acting legend, Amitabh Bahchan will have his voice recorded for interactions with Alexa.


This feature would be available sometime only from 2021. Amazon would be adding iconic dialogues from Amitabh Bachchan’s famous movies like Shehenshah and some more movies too. Furthermore, it will also include other features like jokes, the current weather, shayaris, motivational quotes, advice, and Etcetera.

In fact, hum ko toh Big B bachpan se hi pasand hay, by default ofcourse, and now seems like Alexa is a fan too. 

 Indians to Alexa’s voice right now:



He is going to be the first celebrity voice for Alexa in India and if people want his genre’s tone, then they have a package which they’ll have to purchase, namely ‘Amitabh Bhachchan classic voice’. Once it is launched, the customers will be able to invoke the voice experience by interacting with Alexa. Just like SIRI, here is our BIG B.

Basically, they would be greeted by the his voice which will respond to some of the most popular requests through his pre-recorded voice and AI blend.


After all this, Big B stated that technology has always given him an opportunity to adapt himself into new forms, be it getting updated or in movies, TV shows, podcasts and now he is excited to create this voice experience in partnership with Amazon aka Alexa. He added to that saying, with voice technology growing up so fast we are building to work even more effectively unlike before.

Also, Big B joins the Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson, who was the first ever celebrity to join Amazon’s Celebrity Voice Programme in the year 2019. As per Amazon’s announcement, his Alexa skill will be limited to India and he will speak in Hindi only.

Finally, to wind up with, You heard that right folks, you will be able to hear your daily motivational quotes, weather, advice and Urdu poetry in the legend’s voice. Well, all this seems to be really exciting, so let’s see how this takes us through next year. *memes hi memes honge*