Books are a man’s best friend and they have proved it through and through. In such difficult times, when all our friends are away, the best hug is one that you could recieve from books. So, these are a few books that you can read during these days.



1984 by George Orwell:

Source: The Atlantic

What better way to spend the quarantine period than by reading a dystopian book that makes you wanna die inside? Nineteen eighty four is considered a classic for a reason. The story takes place in a world has fallen prey to the propaganda and perpetual war. The book also displays a torrid love affair, which was considered to be an act of rebellion. The book was banned and challenged in the past for its social and political themes. It is a heavy read but the emotional payoff makes it worth it.


Dark Matter by Blake Crouch:

Source: Earth To Sarah

PERFECT READ FOR THIS TIME. It will make you want to erase your memory just so you could read it again and experience it for the first time. It is just as thrilling as it is emotional. I promise tears.

Blake Crouch writes the best sci-fi thrillers, you can’t miss out on his best work!


What if? By Randall Munroe:


The book is a hilarious take on hypothetical questions that may have ever encountered your mind. This book answers questions jiske liye our teachers and parents snubbed us.

So, get your copy and let your curiosity not kill the cat this time.


Factfulness by Hans Rosling:

Source: The Jakarta Post

This book has been recommended by Bill Gates. The complete title is, 10 Reasons Why We’re Wrong About The World. We sometimes tend to overestimate our intelligence, but this book will scream in your ears that you couldn’t be more wrong. It enforces optimism in the pessimistic in us, because a lot of us say “duniya ki halat issey buri kabhi nahi thi”.

So read the book to learn, literally learn about the world we are living in.


The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni:

Source: Books Charming

The palace of illusions is a hysterical take on the Mahabharat from Draupadi’s point of view. TV shows and vintage books portray the Pandavas as highly valorous god like men who suffer at the hands of evil Shakuni. No one knew how hypocritical and fake their grandeur was. The concept of virginity was hyped. Whenever she would go to her next husband, she would deem to be “pure” again. Draupadi expresses her anguish and showcases the realism. A must read for everyone, it will make you grow und understand the deep-rooted irony subdued in our society.


We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie:

Source: Medium

The book is based on a beautiful ted talk, tells you what feminism is, explains the good and bad, why we need it. Is an absolute necessity for anyone and everyone to read it.

Because, feminism impacts us all and there’s no harm in knowing what it actually means. And no, it doesn’t mean what Neha Dhupia says. It means Roadies dekhna band kardo.


Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell:

Source: Bookstacked

There are some books that you just never want to end, Eleanor and Park is one of them. The book is a heartwarming tale of pure love between contrasting people coming from different places. The theme comes across as a cliche, but it is not. The book is an anomaly in itself. it will reaffirm that love makes way when it has to. If you don’t believe in love this is for you. If you do, again it is for you. Also, it was banned too for its theme.

So, forbidden fruit hai ye, plis padh lo!


The Half Mother by Shahnaz Bashir:


The book is a heart wrenching, deeply troubling book written in lyrical prose. The book marks a debut of a bold voice from Kashmir set in the 1990’s. It is a story of a mother and a daughter ‘yesterday’ and a half mother and orphan ‘today’. The book is underrated and a must read for anyone and everyone, because getting your heart broken by a book, it hurts different.


Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom:

Source: Wikipedia

The book is a conversation between a teacher and a student. Mitch’s professor is getting weak by the time and he wants to make of the time left. Mitch starts visiting Morrie every Tuesday like he would do in college, they rekindle their relationship and Morrie ends up giving brilliant pieces of advice to his student. We are almost privileged to get a sneak into their lives.


If you have not read these yet, what are you waiting for?