Airtel India jumps into yet another social media controversy after it complies to a customer’s demand for a “Hindu representative.” Pooja Singh, an Airtel DTH user, took it to Twitter to voice her grievances. She received a quick response from an Airtel India representative named Shoaib.

However, Pooja Singh – followed by BJP Spokesperson Tajinder Singh Bagga – demanded Airtel India for a Hindu representative because she doesn’t trust Muslims as the Quran “may have a different version for customer service.”

Instead of calling out the blatant bigotry like how Ola Cabs did a few months back, Airtel India complied to her demands and replaced the Muslim representative with a Hindu guy.

Airtel received a massive backlash for complying to a customer’s bigotry. A lot of people, including J&K Former Chief Minister and Swara Bhasker, said they didn’t want to be a part of the company that doesn’t stand up to Islamophobia and bigotry.



AFTER a lot of outrage and threats to port their number to a different network, Airtel finally made a poor attempt at clearing their stance.

However, the damage is done and people aren’t buying this poor cover-up by Airtel India. Meanwhile, this whole Airtel episode has sparked a new trend of hilarious jokes on social media.







Airtel India could really use a lesson or two from Ola Cabs.