We asked people what advice they would give their 18 year old self if they got a chance to go back in time. And we have got some thoughtful answers here.

Source: twitter.com
  • “Sonam Gupta ke saath bahut log bewafa niklenge”

By: @shafiquaaa


  • “Engineering mat karna bas, dil se bura lagega bhai”

By: @prashant sharma


  • “Stop looking at what others your age have achieved! just be you and do your thing!

By: @shereen210


  • “Itna tension kaiko leta hai, yeh le channa kha!”

By @jyotibanejwala


  • “It’s okay to not have everything under control. Waqt do, sab theek hojaata hai.”

By: @noyonika


  • “People don’t care as much as you think they care.”

By: @tarushihihihi


  • “Sab moh maaya hai, don’t take shit too seriously.! Seriously.”

By: @Swarna_Shivakumar


  • “Concentrate on one goal instead of concentrating on everything and wasting time.”

By: @komal_miskin


  • “Don’t fall for that guy he’s gonna ruin your 11th and 12th!!!”

By: @ayesha_013


  • “Learn to say no! you’ll be happier if you learn that and start saying it.”

By: @nikitajangid


  • “Don’t invest in people more than you do in yourself.”

By @its.aditi

If only our 18 yo self knew that whatever they are fretting over right now is not even gonna matter 3-5 years down the line. 🙂