Adulting is so much about freaking out. About our careers, relationships, dreams and what not. And jese jese you start getting into your mid 20s, poori duniya ekdum hazy, uncertain, “mummy ki yaad aa rhi hai” types ho jati hai #QuarterLifeCrisis. But during these heaps of freak outs and worries, you end up realising the importance of being comfortable with uncomfortable situations and that is what growing up feels like, my friends.

Comfortably uncomfortable.

kajol making a cringy face showing struggles of being clumsy
  • Adulting is hearing about your school classmate who’s getting married next month and then having a freak out sesh thinking “ABHI TOH HUM BACHE HAI??? BAAL VIVAH KYU KAR RAHE HO? ABHI KAHAN SE SHAADI?? PAGAL HO KYA TUM LOG?? WHY ARE YOU GROWING UP SO FAST??? YAHA EK RELATIONSHIP DHANG KA HUA NAHI HAI TUM SHAADI KAR RAHE HO, THODA SHARAM KARO, and dheere dheere all your friends start getting married and it feels like you are kajol and love is gamla.


  • A major part of adulting is also shitting on today’s content. Don’t call yourself an adult if you don’t say “yaar aajkal ke cartoons are so shit, cartoons toh apne zamane mei hote the” “yaar aajkal ke gaane are so shit, gaane toh apne zamane mei hote the” “yaar aajkal ki movies are so shit, movies toh apne zamane mei hoti thi” and also, shitting on today’s dating scene. “what is this tinder shinder? aise thodi na I’m supposed to run into the love of my life!!! mujhe toh organically milna hai.” Thinking apna time best tha is adulting.


  • You know you’re adulting when having only a set of 1-2 friends makes you happy kyunki yeh voh dost hai joh school, college, workplace harr jagah se filter hoke aaye hai. Inn doston ke saath we might not drink daru, but inke saath hum rote zarur hai, rant karte hai and obb, unrealistic plans banate hai. Adulting is realising that you only need 1 genuine friend to have your back and only that one stupid, nalayak friend matters. Baaki sab aise hi hai.


  • Haan Ji, kya aap kabhi month-end ke samay rickshaw bhaiya se “20 nahi bhaiya 10 mein jaate hai roz” kehte hai? Kya aapko bhi Splitwise download karke har 10 rupay ka hisaab rakha hai? Kya aap bhi “yaar, agle mahine se save karna hai” ke stress mein fase hai? Well, congratulations, you’re an adult and paisa bohot kharab cheez hai.


  • A significant part of adulting is pain. Back pain, neck pain, pulling muscle pain, and dil mei pain. Which hurts different. Body pain toh painkiller se theek ho jaati hai but to deal w dil ka pain, it takes time, patience and a lot of figuring out and learning. Inside and outside. And that’s adulting, learning how to deal a heartbreak, rejections, loss, and all kinds of pain. Learning how to heal yourself.


  • You are the OG adult agar aapko bhi life ka mantra “yeh kaha chindi hai, yeh toh zindagi hai” hai because bhai, sahi mei, paise ped pe nahi ugte and sasta khaana and thrift kiye hue kapdon se joh level of satisfaction milta hai, wo EKDUM UNMATCHED HOTA HAI. Kabhi socha nahi tha aese bhi din aaenge where we’d khushi khushi give up Barbeque Nations and H&M for road-side Dhaba and Sarojini but hey, I didn’t choose the Adult life, the adult life chose me and well, I’m trying to keep up. One sasta&tikaau samaan at a time.


  • The fact that we start to relate more with a 50 year than an 18 year old is the benchmark of adulting. I mean, now you really know what your parents meant when they said, “Jab badi hogi toh hai pata chalega”. I mean, have 3 you ever looked at a bunch of young adults probably a few years younger than you and said “yaaar aajkal ke bacche kitne annoying hote hai yaar kasam se. Bilkul samjh nahi hai..” ….Yep.


Adulting is legit scary. It’s messy, tiring, and SO UNPREDICTABLE. People come and leave, your heart gets broken, but it also gets healed, then it gets broken again and you won’t have a clue what to do next. Those never ending worries and late night thoughts of “am I doing this right?” it’s kinda scary lol.

… But it’s a little less scary, and also kinda comforting when you realize that we’re all going through more or less the same shit. We are all just stumbling and trying to find our way. And that we’re all in this together :))