Sushmita Sen makes her comeback in and as Aarya, the trailer looks incredible and here’s why we can’t wait for the show to release.

aarya hotstar special poster with the four lead characters


Sorry, but I’m very very excited that OG queen Sushmita Sen is making a comeback with a new web-series titled ‘Aarya’ and being a HUGE fan since the early 2000’s, I’m ecstatic to see her FINALLY getting a meaty role she absolutely deserves !

sushmita sen looking shocked in a scene from the trailer


Aarya is Hindi adaptation of the Dutch crime thriller titled Penoza.

Going by the trailer, it’s the story of Aarya, your everyday simple woman…

sushmita sen smiling and looks happy in this scene from the trailer


….who turns into a wine drinking Cersei you don’t wanna mess with after her drug-lord husband (who looks like Shashi Tharoor for some reason ??? ) gets shot in broad daylight.

sushmita sen and chandrachur singh having an intense discussion in a scene from the trailer


Soon enough, she gets sucked into the world of crime & illegal business to protect her kids from any kind of harm.

aarya the charcter played by sushmita sen and her children in this scene from the trailer


And she goes from being in danger to becoming the danger !

(Skyler White in parallel universe probably)

sushmita sen looking angry in this still from the trailer


” Aarya represents strength, determination and above all vulnerability in a world full of crime, a world run by men. For me, personally, it is the story of family, betrayal and a mother who is willing to go to any length to protect her children. It took me a decade to find a role like this to sink into and I’m thrilled to be a part of this incredible story. “

– Sushmita Sen

sushmita sen in fancy jewelry looking upset in scene from the trailer.


Directed by Ram Madhvani, Aarya will begin streaming on Disney+ Hotstar from June 19 and we are all set to go on this thrilling ride with Aarya.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, watch it here now.