Shashi Tharoor is back at it again! He’s a part time Congress MP and full time human Oxford Dictionary who stirs the hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia in us (if you follow him you’d know what it means). General elections 2019 are afoot in India, and all the *coughs* politicians *coughs* are constantly campaigning offline and online to get their parties the edge they need.

Being the member of Congress, Tharoor uncle also shared his campaign poster on Twitter, however, it has creeped the f**k out of everyone. For reals.

He is a meme that keeps on giving! And he’s managed to trend on the internet yet again, but this time it’s for making everyone feel a little uncomfortable. Check out these reactions!

Moon emoji.

The resemblance is insaaaane.


How do I vote for the latter?

Serious question.


Should have been the actual caption.

“I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo..”

Same, bud, same.

Also, just a little fun fact for y’all, the longer you look at uncle Shashi Tharoor’s photo, the creepier it becomes. You’re welcome!