As a person who LOVES the horror genre, I can say that it’s so rare to come across innovative and original horror movies these days. Most of the horror movies are either sequels or reboots, even if it’s an original screenplay, it usually follow similar plots, similar jump scares. Everything we’ve seen before.

Annabelle 2

If you have watched Don’t Breathe or Hush, you’d know how effect silence can be in horror movies. Upcoming horror film ‘A Quiet Place’ builds on that idea.

don't breathe poster
Don’t Breathe poster

Written and directed by John Krasinski, ‘A Quiet Place’ looks like a massive treat for horror fans. Starring real life husband and wife, it’s about a family that lives in a world where silence is a necessity. “They have to live as silently as possible or horrible things happen,” John Krasinski explains in the Super Bowl trailer. “Whatever is hunting them is everywhere. All through-out the world. It’s everywhere. The only people his family have to rely on are each other. This movie is extremely scary and so emotional. It’s really an intense experience.”

Watch the trailer for A Quiet Place here:


The actual plot still hasn’t been revealed but I honestly can’t wait to find out and experience this movie in theaters. Indian release date is still unclear though.

Side note: I’m gonna be SO MAD if people start talking while watching this movie in theaters.