The Fauji brats live a life of their own and of their own unique lifestyle here are some of things that you will understand if you are either a Fauji BRAT or friends with one.



  • Humare liye the most dreadful question is not “aage ka kya plan hai?” It is “Aur phir kahan se ho phir tum?” We are all just a bunch of nobodies from nowhere living our lives in a crisis both an identity and existential one.


  • Questions we are tired of hearing but love answering because they fill us with a sense of pride:

“where were you born?”

“How many cities have to lived in?”

“How many schools have you changed?”

“Does your dad have a gun?”


  • Fauji brats have relatively better people skills because we have to meet new people and make new friends every 2-3 years. It’s sad and fun all at the same time. It’s fun because I have friends all across the nation. It’s sad, because they can’t be with me forever and ever and ever. And sometimes I miss them too much!


  • We like calling ourselves “fauji brats”. Not army brats not fauji bacche. Not nomads.

FAUJI B. R. A. T. S. (Born Raised and Transferred).

And we are also guilty of calling the rest of the world “civilians”. I know it is annoying and we are sorry, but it is just how it is.


  • CSD is the only supermarket we’ve ever grown up to know. CSD mei nahi Mila, matlab exist hi nahi karta. Aur kitne friends ke liye kitna sara Samaan bhi aya hai waha se


  • When someone says “shaktimaan” you picture a mid-30s man in a red and golden suit spinning in his place. We picture a 2.5 ton (what you call an army truck) with kids shoved in it like cattle being shipped to a farm. Except the farm is either K. V. (Kendriya Vidhyalaya) or A. P. S. (Army Public School)


  • You have beauty pageants, we have “May Queen Balls”. Your parties are our social evenings and badhakhaana. Bada Khana sunke the smell of food and the band playing soft jazz automatically transports you to a HUGE ground.


Rules only we understand

  • You have to be back by 1845 hrs, maxxxx 1900 hrs from the park”. And 15 mins pehle if there is a party to get to. Official time for parties is 2000 hrs. No calling anyone after 2100 hrs unless it is an emergency.
  • When you enter a party, you have to wish EVERYONE!! IDK if there are 30 people in the room, you start from one corner and “good evening sir/ma’am” you way to the other end.
  • And if it is an official party, the kids are supposed to stay in the “kids room” until asked to come out for dinner. And Baby’s day out is ALWAYS playing on the tv
  • No one will tell you this, but if it was left to the faujis, you humara national sport tambola hota. Two fat ladies eight and eight- 88


  • Some of us still stand on our toes for a moment once the national anthem ends. Jinko pata hai, unko pata hai.

Things that might not mean much to you, but brings many memories back for us Dependant cars, Bada khaana, AWWA, Mast hour, 4 digit phone numbers