I saw the forgotten army today and I have one small request to each one of you who haven’t seen it.
Not for the country or for the sake of patriotism or the INA or Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. NO.
These things are insignificant in the context, trust me.

I am giving you 9 full-proof reasons to start binge-watching the show, like, right now!


1.That feeling of goosebumps when INA builds a women regiment, to fight against the British, Rani Lakshmibai Regiment!
Seeing women rigorously train beside men just puffs you up with proud and glory!

The forgotten Army
Via: The Straits Times

2.That feeling of rage when the poor Indian girl demolishes her rapist’s house when the British Indian Army was captured by the Japanese.

The forgotten Army
Via: Amazon.com

3. When Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’ Speech moves Maya from within and she runs to the stage barefoot and gives her jewellery to the INA and chants:

“Chalo Dilli!”

The forgotten Army
Via: YouTube

4. When the INA reaches the Indian Border after miles and miles of walking, crossing countries on foot.
The glow in their eyes, the flicker of recognition, the familiarity of their soil, that feeling of reaching their home after so many years.
It just overwhelms you!

The forgotten Army
Via: YouTube

5. When the women regiment of the INA marches along with the men, shoulder to shoulder to free India from the shackles of British rule was a sight to behold!

The forgotten Army
Via: Rolling Stone India

6. When Maya left Sodhi speechless when he tried to argue about the eligibility criterion of who could and could not be a part of the INA by saying this:

“Being an INA soldier shouldn’t be about race, caste, being masculine or feminine. The only thing that should matter is that they’re Indians and they’re prepared to lay down their lives for the country.”

The forgotten Army
Via: Mashable india

7. When Captain Sodhi and a bunch of British soldiers had a spat in Japanese detention over Indian soldiers allying with Japanese soldiers and those British soldiers accused Indians of “betraying the people they’ve been living off all these years”
To which Captain Sodhi said:

“I don’t remember ever going to England to live off your land. But I know that for the past 200 years, you’ve been living off our land.
It’s time for you to go back home, and leave mine!”

The forgotten Army
Via: CineTalkers

8. When Colonel Sodhi saw the garlanded picture of Maya aka Janki and realised that Janki was Maya only and she was waiting for him all those years!

The forgotten Army
Via: YouTube

9. When Amar asks Colonel Sodhi what did he gain from his sacrifice? Indians don’t even remember the INA! No One knows their story.
To which Captain Sodhi replies:

“Your generation will tell our story.
Remember, Azadi paane ki ladai aasan thi, azadi kayam rakhne ki ladai zyada mushkil hai!”

The forgotten Army
Via: YouTube

It is not your conventional, patriotic show that tells you the tale of sacrifices and struggles of the army for freedom.
Believe me, it is NOT!
It is something way beyond that…
It is something that leaves you brooding over how even small, insignificant things or incidents could change the course of history and yet we have no clue about them!

Watch it, for never before a movie has been made that so beautifully portrays the struggle of getting freedom and maintaining freedom.
Watch it, for never before the fight of two generations has been shown parallelly and so precisely, for something as basic as freedom.

And lastly, watch it to experience the excruciating pain of knowing that every love story is amazingly beautiful, despite having not having a beautiful end!