One of the most under-rated Bollywood love stories ever ! It received a lot of criticism for its pace and storyline, but tbh, watching it curled up in my bed on a long summer afternoon, I felt transformed into this realm of timeless love and actually felt the pain of longing and waiting.

a man and a woman sitting very close to each and facing each other with foreheads touching


With every change in season, the scenic beauty of the film grows on you making you go on edge as fall arrives and the last leaf is just held by a thread of love. The heartwarming lyrics composed in such touching music by Amit Trivedi, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Monali Thakur makes it a film for all ‘seasons’.

7 years of Lootera and here’s an appreciation for its soul-stirring.

a woman sitting under the shade of sunlight, holding a book and looking across

Sawaar Loon

Yeh Saari Koyalein Bani Hain Aaj Daakiyan, Kuhu-Kuhu Mein Chitthiyan Padhe Mazakiyaan, Inhe Kaho Ke Naa Chhupaaye, Kisne Hai Likha Bataaye, Uski Aaj Main Nazar Utaar Loon”

a man and a woman walking at a distance in a forest, smiling

Just how pyaara is this song, always sets me in a cheerful mood immediately. Like I feel my heart just smiling and cheering along, a huge shout-out to the instrumentalists of this song though ! ufffff. Monali Thakur didn’t just sing this song, she painted it like a rendition of love that we all dream of 🙂



“Kya Kabhi Savera, Laata Hai Andhera… Baarishein Naaraazagi Bhi Jataa Jaati Hain

Kabhi Kabhi Ambar Ki… Patte Jo Shaakhon Se Toote, Bewajah Toh Nahin Roothe”

a man sitting under a tree with his bike fallen near his feet

Listen to these lyrics now and listen to these lyrics when you feel like life is being unfair; it reminds you that we all have a purpose for our existence, just need to steer yourself in that direction again and dig a thoda sa deeper for that untold happiness of life !


“ Yun to solah saavan aaye gaye, Gaur nahin kiya hamne..Bheega man ka aangan is martaba..Kya jaane kya kiya tumne..”

a woman getting ready looking in the mirror

This song is hauntingly beautiful. A lot of you must have not heard it, so aaj raat ko when you are done with all the work of the day, sit near the window, put on earphones and just listen to this song, I promis you 10/10 feels.




“ Andhere Ko Baahon Mein Leke, Ujaale Ne Ghar Basaaya Hai, Churaaya Tha Jo Chukaaya Hai, Shikayatein Mitaane Lagi “

a man looking pale and sick walking in snow capped forest

Typical Amit Trivedi’s music style song gives life to the scene where Varun just walks across those snow mountains and sees Pakhi who has nothing but complaints and regrets. Not to sound dramatic but seedha dil mei dar hota hai.



Monta Re

“Kaagaz ke do pankh leke, Uda chala jaaye re, Jahaan nahin jaana tha ye, Wahin chala haye re…. Disha hara, kemon boka Monn-ta re.. “

a side angle view of a woman looking at the man smiling while driving in a car

This song with a slight Bengali touch around the ethnicity of Pakhi feels too real, here’s why

In Bangla, Kemon means “how”, boka means “foolish” , monta means “heart is.” So yeah, ask how foolish my heart is? I don’t want sleep, I want answers. 




“ Mujhe Chhod Do Mere Haal Pe, Zinda Hoon Yaar, Kaafi Hai!  Qabr Par Mere Sar Utha Ke Khadi Ho Zindagi, Aise Marna Hai Mujhe! Kuch Maangna Baaqi Nahi, Jitna Mila Kaafi Hai! Zinda Hoon Yaar, Kaafi Hai“

a man holding on to the dry branches of tree in snowed over weather

One of my absolute favorites. That zinda hoon yaar kaafi hai hits on a whole different level. Even brings you to goosebumps and tears at times. What a masterpiece, this one. Just very very very grateful exists.

(also apna 2020 anthem)


a man and a woman sitting beside the bed, near the window looking at each other


Existential crisis, hope, love, life in general, emotions of a broken heart, gratefulness, purpose of living, anything and everything you can think of related to your zindagi, all of it is packed in these song and oh how BEAUTIFULLY !