You might not be ready for the exam season, but your gray  little brain was born ready. You just need to learn to delude it into thinking that studying can actually be fun. Here are some tips and tricks to help you memorise better.


  • Logic

If there is one thing your brain understands better than you ever will, it is logical and complex thinking. And the left side of your brain is always ready to help you with that. So leave the maths and the science upto it. And to assist your brain assist you- keep things in order, make easy to learn pointers and lists. Make flash cards and flow charts. And try making notes in easy understandable bullet points.



  • Visuals. Make colourful notes.

Underline and highlight the important points with different and eye catching neon colours. Our brains tend to take snapshots of the things it likes and stores them for the future. We all have photographic memory, we just need to learn to use and control that superpower. Make easily understandable and colourful diagrams- something that you can make again in your paper. Try concising your knowledge, make it easy for you to represent in your final paper and also, simultaneously letting the examiner know that you know your shit.


  • Audio

You know how you remember lyrics to a song by Taylor Swift from ’09 but can’t remember the Krebs cycle even if someone paid you in ice cream to memorise it?? It’s because sound sticks around in our memory box for short periods of time. The hippocampus and the pre-frontal cortex, as little as those words mean to you, support the system for auditory working memory. So record your notes as a voice note and listen to it while you’re showering or just taking a break. Listen to videos on YouTube, but DON’T WANDER OFF, okay?? Keep listening to them until your short term memory is magically and laboriously converted to and set in stone in your long term memory box.



  • Linguistics

Memorise your answers out loud. Reiterate what you’ve learnt. Try explaining those topics to your friends, have group discussions or just teach a class of soft toys and pillows and walls. Saying things out loud and correctly gives you the much needed confidence. It also amplifies your speed and momentum of studying.

  • Get the cool sunshine

Sit in the sun for a bit. Make sure you don’t forget what the world outside your books look like. You can also move your study spot in the garden. Take your notes and all your stationary and a bean bag, plonk it on a cozy, comfortable spot and study on. This change of environment will put your head at ease, for a change it won’t have to feel obligated to be stressed enough to force you to chew your nails off; and you’d still be getting your work done. Yay!!


  • Revise. Tumhe sirif lag raha hai ke yaad rahega, Sach mei nahi yaad rehta

All the studying and mugging that you’re a doing will turn to ashes and blank spots if you don’t revise. When you read something for the first time, a neuronal connection is made- a short term, weak connection. When you revise, the connection grows stronger. The more the revise the stronger is the chance that you’ll write what you’ve reviewed.


  • Sleep

PLEASEEEE!! I know you have a lot of syllabus to review and topics to revise, but in spite of the time constrain, don’t strain your brain. Don’t force your brain to shut down. Put it on sleep mode. Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep (maximum of 8, exams ke baad mast 12 ghante sonna). Now you can get those hours all at once or you can take power naps throughout the day, that is the operators call.