It’s been 3 years since we lost Chester Bennington & here’s to anyone who needs to hear this today!



A clang of the high-hat, power chords from an electric guitar and scream that reverberates through and through and gives us goosebumps…

Linkin Park has been an inseparable part of our childhoods and fans continually petition to bring them back throughout the world because that is the legacy that they have created.



An invaluable part of this band was its former lead vocalist, Chester Bennington.

3 years ago, the news crashed the internet about his suicide. The untimely demise of Chester left people heartbroken around the world. It was a dream for many of us to at least once, go to a Linkin Park performancë and now the dream was shattered into million pieces. I remember my dad asking me, why I was crying for a man I never met and tbh I didn’t have an answer. How can a person touch you from the other side of the globe so much that you’re crushed at the very thought of living in a world without them??

Linkin Park is special to me because as far as I remember, I never quite understood my own feelings and whatever it is that I was going through. Their lyrics gave words to my sentiments and I can never be more grateful to anybody else. One of the best thing about the band was the ability to express the feeling of anger and frustration without the use of strong words and we loved them for that.

Chester Bennington would often jump down the stage and sing among the people prompting them to “scream it out”

A big part of our admiration for Chester comes from his vocals. The song “The Messenger” includes the lyrics, “When life leaves us blind, Love keeps us kind” which is also engraved on his tombstone. The song is a ballad sung with really powerful vocals that can break through any walls and fill any void. The tenacity of his vocals that demanded to be heard gave a lot of us voices that we never had.



Chester Bennington has been a beacon of hope for many of us, who have been struggling with our own demons and found comfort in knowing there’s someone out there who felt the same and has probably made it. Almost…

12:02 AM, July 21st really was a blow.

Doors shut. Blinds drawn. And falling into darkness that has no end to it. I remember that was the exact feeling.

Yeah we felt like giving up too. Why wouldn’t we?

The man who we looked up to, eventually succumbed to it. I swear I could never get this feeling out of my head and I only outgrew it.The mass wave of sorrow and grief around the world made me realize that you don’t just take your own life when you kill yourself. 

You steal a part of everyone else’s life too that you used to be.

All these years, in all these experiences, I’ve only learned that it’s never a good choice giving up. Me and you, we are worth more than this and we deserve a better ending. IT’S NOT TIME YET AND IT NEVER WILL BE



What we feel at the moment is temporary but our actions might just be permanent. So if you think you’re not making sense right now, don’t listen to yourself. And I understand if it’s harder trying to reach out to someone, but there are people who have been through the exact same thing and are willing to listen to you. Find them and share!

We might not understand our worth; it’s the people around us who do. Our friends, family, everyone who is a part of our lives and it’s cruel to abandon them because we mean so much to them. Stick around for a while with them and they’ll show you why. Tell them stuff, ask them questions, find people who you relate to. Be alive more than you are now for that’s what Chester Bennington and Linkin Park tried to tell us. So if you’re feeling like there’s nothing for you in your life, look again.

STAY and make Chester proud.

The band has stayed on a hiatus ever since & chances are they’ll never come back. It would be impossible to imagine Linkin Park without Chester Bennington and probably they feel the same. It break my heart to let them go, and I would give anything to see them perform once more but in the words of the band themselves:

“Sometimes solutions aren’t so simple. Sometimes goodbye’s the only way.”