2016 In India Summed Up In These Hilarious Memes & Jokes

2016, a year that is gonna be remembered as the year of mishaps for the most of us.


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But personal pity apart, 2016 was one hell of a roller coaster ride which mostly went down. From sporting heartbreaks, to patriotic fervor, to standing in long queues, we’ve had it all. Let’s look at some events that stole the show (we’ll try to keep it as positive as possible):


Netflix & No Chill

Surprisingly, 2016 started on a positive note. Netflix launched its services in India this January, and took everyone by a splash of excitement.. well, until their trial period ended.


Airlift & Goosebumps

Only a week after the news of Netflix coming to India, Akshay Kumar’s Airlift released in India, which is undoubtedly the best movie of the year. It’s like 2016 was playing a really sick joke on us by being the good guy in January.


JNU & Azaadi

We were used to seeing couples getting beaten up every February by Bajrang Dal guys, but the news was stolen by Kanhaiya Kumar and his gang. Remember those Azaadi guys? Yeah, they didn’t get it.


Leonardo & Oscar

As much as I loved all the No Oscar memes, it was very emotional seeing Leo finally win it for his lead role in The Revenant. And who could forget Kate Winslet crying during his acceptance speech.


Twenty & 20

Even though we didn’t win it, Virat Kohli bowled us over with his exceptional batting. And he gave us the most memorable moment of 2016.

And who could forget the match that almost gave us a heart attack.



Game of thrones

From the Battle of Bastards to confirmation of R+L=J. This year’s season of Game of Thrones was lit af.


Vijay mal liya & bhaga

*knock knock*. Who’s there? Do you know who’s not there? Vijay mallya. Okay, yes, bad joke. But this guy stole the air time as easily as he stole money from Indian banks.


Harambe & Dicks Out

Control your tears folks. For this legend left us in June, leaving behind an internet united in his meme-ry.
source: buzzfeed


Pokémon & Go

Nostalgia overflew as this game hit the app stores in early July.  Countless hours were spent looking for imaginary creatures. But catching that Pikachu required some serious pokè-balls. But sadly, just like any other fad in 2016, it died in about a few months. RIP.


Olympics & Shobhaa De

If there’s something 2016 will be remembered for, it’s for our girls Deepa Karmakar, PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik. These girls are way cooler than you’ll ever be. But then there’s Shobhaa De. Smh. Don’t be a Shobhaa De.

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Indian Army & Surgical Strikes

Year got a little better when Indian Army decided to take a bold move by executing surgical strikes against terrorist camps. Sure, it followed by a little political instability, but a bold step was needed to fight terrorism.

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Viru & Twitter

I don’t think anybody would disagree that the best thing about the internet in 2016 is undoubtedly Virender Sehwag’s social media. From his birthday wishes to his constant Twitter battle with Piers Morgan, internet became a little more fun.

Viru Life.


source: cricket country

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source: Indianexpress.com

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Modi & Demonetization

Not gonna lie, saying goodbye to those crisp 1000 notes was even sadder than saying goodbye to Harambe. But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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Global Citizen & Coldplay

After months of speculations and fake news, Coldplay finally played in India at the Global Citizen Festival and boy, it was worth the wait. Most of us couldn’t attend it because…  broke lol. But thank god for VH1, and as it turns out, it was better that we watched on TV because well.. crowd.

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BUT this moment honestly made it up for everything.



Donald Trump & USA

Aliens, now would be a good time to attack America. Also, I don’t know why this exists.


Ok, wait, in retrospect, 2016 wasn’t that ba- MUST. NOT. JINX. IT. 13 DAYS. STILL. LEFT.

But hey, 2016 is ending and so are our exams. Good riddance.


Do your thaang, Raj.

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