After years of anticipation and insane hype on social media, teaser for India’s most expensive film ‘2.0’ starring Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth is finally here. It’s also the first Indian film which is shot entirely in 3D. Unsurprisingly, they also launched the teaser in 3D to a jam-packed audience.

Akshay Kumar tweeted the teaser with a caption, “On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, doing Shree Ganesh of India’s Grandest Film: ‘2.0’ ! Here’s a glimpse of the biggest rivalry, good or evil… Who decides.”

Watch it here.

To be honest, the Vfx in it looks a bit disappointing for a film that boasts a monumental budget of 75 million USD. Given the hype and everything, I was expecting something better. Even if forget about Vfx, the teaser itself looks terribly edited. I really hope the full length official trailer is better because people have expectations from this film. Especially because it’s a huge collaboration between hindi film Akshay Kumar and tamil film star Rajnikanth, who are battling it out in this film.

Even the people on the internet are disappointed by the teaser. The Hindi teaser on Youtube has over 21 thousand dislikes with a lot of negative comments about the vfx.

Here’s what people are saying on Twitter.







However, people who watched the 3D teaser on the big screen are absolutely awestruck by the quality.

There’s no official date for the full trailer yet, but I hope it’s more cohesive and reveals more about the plot. Meanwhile, can’t wait to experience the 3D teaser on a big screen.