Sometimes you come across a film that says something to you exactly when you needed to hear it, and helps you make peace with your heart and mind. It not only comforts you but also gives you a much needed perspective. But most importantly, it stays with you long, long after the credits have rolled. 


Chhichhore is easily one of those films. It beautifully captures the turmoil and entanglement of the human emotions, through the stupid, careless lens of college life and friendship. Only in the end to prove that man’s will power is the one that supersedes all the forces of the universe.

It’s also extra heartbreaking to watch it now given how things have panned out over last one year, but it’s still a gem of a film that he has left for us.

Here are some of our favorite dialogue from the film 🙂

  • “Tumhara result decide nahi karta hai ki tum loser ho ki nahi… tumhari koshish decide karti hai.”


  • “Doosron se haar ke loser khane se kahin zyada bura hai khud se haar ke loser kehlana”


  • “Sache dost wahi hote hai.. joh achhe waqt mein aapki bajate hai… aur jab mushkil waqt aata hai toh wahi chhichhore aapke darwaze par khade nazar aate hai.”


  • “Hum haar jeet, success failure mein itna ulajh gaye hai ki zindagi jeena bhool gaye hai. zindagi mein agar kuch sabse jyada important hai toh woh hai khud zindagi.”


  • “Success ke baad ka plan, sabke paas hai.. lekin agar galti se fail ho gaye toh failure se kaise deal karna hai koi baat hi nahi karna chahta.”


  • “Pata nahi kya jaadu hai college life mein jahan anjaane milte hai aur dost ban jaate hai zindagi bhar ke liye, aur aise waise dost nahi. kutte dost, kaminey dost, I love you wale dost, masoom dost. Jinke saath aap haste hai, rote hai.. lekin zindagi jeena seekh jate hai.”



It has been an year since this gem was released and all these scenes and dialouges are the reason why Chhichore will stay with us for a long time.