Friendship in 2017 is basically 20% stupid love advice, 20% insults, 20% lame jokes, and 40% memes.. and all those come neatly wrapped in a package called ‘text messaging.’ Unless you’re someone who prefers calling people… in which case




1. Your best friend knows exactly how to kick off a conversation.

2. They have solution for everything.

3. Even if it’s just a motivation problem.

4. But you can’t just show affection for them. That’s a no-no

5. Really.

6. But you do get jealous sometimes.

7. Other times they are super annoying

8. But you can’t really get mad at them.

9. So you do this to make sure they know.

10. And you can just never decide where to hang out

11. Or what to say.

12. Most of the conversations make absolutely zero sense.

13. But they know how to make you feel better.

14. And they are mostly lame as shit.

15. And sometimes, extra honest

16. And they can never compliment you.

17. Although they kinda suck but who else would send you poop emojis at 3 am?

18. Or sing Bollywood songs with you.


If you relate, congratulations, now you can be Joey & Chandler