It’s been 10 years since the release of this wholesome movie Wake Up Sid and starring Ranbir Kapoor and Konkona Sen Sharma this movie has ample reasons for us to love it even after all this time.



Because we have all been Sid at one point or the other in our lives

still from the movie wake up sid, two boys taking to each other

Or maybe, we still are. Sid teaches you that it is important to be lost and confused in life. Agar life itni smooth hi chalegi to success aur failures me difference kaise pata chalega?


Because here’s to figuring your shit out

in a scene from the movie wake up sid, ranbit kapoor standing in an elevator with some people in background

The story tells us how we navigate our lives: deal with our own little rebellions, find meaning to our own definitions of independence and handle our own set of mistakes.


Because Aisha


What a treat to watch her. She relishes simple pleasures in life. She prefers old hindi songs over jazz just coz they are easy to understand and sing along. She prefers sitting on the Rooftop at 2am in the night on her birthday with her only friend sipping chai and talking about life rather than getting drunk in a random pool party. For her, success is not earning money but living a simple happy life is. I would love to date her if Aisha was a real person.


Because of the unconventional pairing and the surprisingly beautiful chemistry


The bonding they shared as roommates were so sweet and simple that we all wanted a roommate from the opposite gender who would work in the same office as us! with whom “tum, mai aur 2 cup chai” is equivalent to a party, with whom we could just sit at tanki and talk without being judged.


Because of the soul stirring music


The music is so pleasing to the ears and the mind that one can keep listening to it day in and day out and yet not get bored. Iktara obviously tops the chart, but Life is Crazy,Kya karu, Aajkal Zindagi, the title track, Boondon ke Moti define our everyday life and are equally mesmerizing. No, not an exaggeration!


Because of the everlasting friendship

still from the movie wake up sid, two boys sitting, smiling and staring at the ceiling

We may not see very deep meaningful scenes depicting friendship in the movie but Laxmi getting Sid’s stuff from his home, Rishi and Sid burst out laughing after bumping into each other at the club, all of them painting that yellow wall together, Sid making that bread jam cake for Aisha are a few of the many small moments that’ll fill you up with joy. Miss your college bros and give em a call after watching! 


Because it reminds you to find your calling and take that leap of faith


It’s okay to not fit the bill of your family business and take an unconventional career option. It may sound like a hobby to the people around you but for you, if it’s your passion – do not let it go and chase things that you aspire for.


Because it’s real

 a still from the movie wake up sid, ranbir kapoor

The movie can’t be more candid. Nothing is made up. Dialogues are exactly how you would talk to your friends. No extra poured humour, no jazzy bollywood songs. Just a simple coming of age story of a young boy who wants to live his life to the fullest.


Because idk what is it about Ranbir Kapoor movies


They grow with you. Be it Wake up sid, Rocket Singh, Jagga Jasoos or Tamasha, every movie connects with you in no time.

Because it’s relatable content that makes you smile and cry, not always in that order necessarily.