Udaan released on this day 10 years ago, and when I watched it for the first time just a few days back, within 15 minutes I knew ki ye film aam nahi khaas hai.

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This coming-of-age film marks the debut of Vikramaditya Motwane, and honestly is one of the most underrated films ever. It is such a wholesome film – it’ll make you laugh, cry and make you think too.

Here are a few reasons why I feel this is a gem of a film!!!

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Trials of Growing Up

  • Udaan is one of those rare films that truly appreciates how tough it can be to process the challenging realities of adulthood for the first time, especially in case of people who face abuse.
  • The sensitivity with which Vikramaditya Motwane shows us Rohan’s journey – you’re sure to find your own moments of weakness, strength, and just the PURE EMOTIONS of teenage years reflected in this film.
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Beautiful Scenes

  • Here are two heart touching scenes and dialogues from this gem of a movie.
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Rohan ki Poems!

  • ZNMD ke Imran ki poems are all wow yes but goodness did you pay attention to the GAGAR MEIN SAGAR that the three poems in this film are?? how Rohan say them at the right moment to the right person and my god they’ll get you in your heart :’)
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  • This film has one of those surprising albums that are PERFECT for the film that they’re made for. The songs actually complement the mood & the plot. B/w Amit Trivedi’s soulful music & Amitabh Bhattacharya’s poetic lyrics (also Anurag Kashyap’s lyrics in 2 songs), the songs capture the quietness of the film’s many moments and also the pure exhilaration of those moments where Rohan rises.

Each song has its own udaan – dil se suno.

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And special love for Aazaadiyan.

  • One of the most beautiful songs ever! I used to listen to it all the time even before watching the film. Fills your heart with hope.

“Subah ki kirno ko roke jo salaakhein hai kahan, jo khayalon pe pehre daale woh aankhein hai kahan par khulne ki deri hai parinde udh ke jhoomenge, Aasman aasmaaan, aaaaaaasmaaan.”

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Exploring Masculinity and Critiquing Toxicity

  • This is perhaps the most unique point of this film. Through the many different men of this film, & each of their stories & their personalities, Vikramaditya Motwane deconstructs how men- and toxic masculinity – are created in our society.
  • The pressures of behaving a certain way, the emotional alienation forced since childhood, the expectations of meeting the definition of a man all the males in the film are constantly engaged in a struggle of preserving their humanity (or destroying it in others in Bhairav’s case), and processing their feelings in different ways.
  • This film challenges the traditional, rather negative stereotypes, that men are expected to adhere to.
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It’s a bit sad that a film like Udaan that’s entertaining as well as worth discussing doesn’t get the hype it deserves. We’ve got some awesome hidden gems in our own country that we must pay attention to.

So, go fill your glass of frooti and watch it on Netflix this weekend!

Pls. *puppy eyes*