Memes & Trolls: How India Reacted To Ban Of 500, 1000 Notes With Jokes

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After doing a surgical strike across the Line of Control (LOC) on terrorist camps last month, this time India is going after black money and boy, are they merciless. Taking the nation by a huge surprise, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes will not be considered legal from midnight. “It is a very important step to fight the disease of black money”, Modi also added. However, the government will introduce a new 2000 rupee and 500 rupee note. (big farewell to your 1000 rupee notes).


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modistrike__Modi strikes again


As you might expect, from WhatsApp to Twitter, internet went all out insane immediately after the announcement by PM Modi and the result couldn’t be more hilarious.  Here are funniest jokes and memes by the people of the internet and The Indian idiot staff.



1. This is how it’s gonna go down for the next two days.

notes5__source: the indian idiot



2. This guy had his life sorted from the start

notes7_source: todj/arjunchokkamaman




3. Wouldn’t be too surprised, tbh.

notes13follow: @indianidle




4. That’s the evilest thing I can imagine.

notes4_source: the indian idiot




5. Joke level: GENIUS.

notes6__source: todj/jaychheda


see how hilariously twitter reacted to the ban of Rs. 500 and 1000 notes


6. Straight up.





7. Well, well, couldn’t be more accurate.

notes12_source: the indian idiot




8. Wait for it…

notes10follow: @tedhaadimaag




9. Gangs of Currencypur.

notes3__source: the indian idiot



10. Bhai pls.

notes15source: todj/sanikaghaisas




11. Ok I’m actually feeling vv sad now



This photo of PM Modi is going viral for literally no reason and it couldn’t get more hilarious


12. Too broke lol

notes9follow: @dattuchopper




13. 202% chance of stealing your girl

notes8_source: todj/virendravaishnav




14. ATM march

notes11follow: @maliksajad




15. Pun is strong with this one.

ok3follow: @sayandas_




16. Favorite meme.

ok1source: todj/muditsrivastva




17. #NoFilters #Sunkissed

ok2follow: @farzicricketer



And finally, if you remember this, your childhood was awesome.





Don’t know about economy, but this news has certainly improved India’s meme game. SO PROUD.



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