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Struggles That Are Way Too Real For Short People In India

Being a short person in India has its ups and downs… but you can’t really reach the ups, so mostly downs.


From being called Chhotu in school to shopping in kids’ section as a full-grown adult, it’s not easy being a short person in India. Especially when your friends make a point to remind you how tiny you are, in case you’d forgotten or something. People always look down at you… literally. It’s even harder when those unimaginative 6-feet fools ask the same questions, like, “Aae jab paida hua tha toh capsule tha kya?” “Aae teri puri family chhoti hai kya?” “Aaae mummy ne bacchpan mei complan nahi pilaya kya?” “Aae….”


Here are some of those struggles every short person in India will truly understand and relate to:

1. Every time you meet your relatives after a long time



2. Never heard that before.


3. Whenever you go out to watch an adult movie with your friends, only you are asked to show the ID



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4. This is how you take a selfie with your tall friend



5. When your friends call you Chhotu, Minion, Bacche, Hobbit, Shorty, Dhai Inch, Hutch ka chhota recharge, Elf, and so on..


6. Relate is too strong with this one.


7. Forever their armrest.


8. Shopping is fun


9. Perks of being short


10. When your legs are forever dangling because 🙂


11. Mockery doesn’t stop


12. Not being able to touch the bottom of the swimming pool past 5 ft mark so you just

13. The struggle is too real


14. When you finally grow a beard, people make fun of you by saying “Arrey wah! you have finally hit puberty”



15. Concerts are a real nightmare.


16. It’s always awkward when tall girls hug you (not really awkward. Love it)





18. Our counter against tall people.

19. Where did we go wrong?



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