14 Salman Khan Tweets That Will Prove Bhai = Roxxx

For those who don’t know, Salman bhai often drops his pearls of wisdom on Twitter. But bhai wisdom being so incredibly precious, he encrypts it using a key that only bhaitards can understand. You can go screw yourself, NSA, bhai is light years ahead of you. Salman bhai: 1 Technology: 0

1. Encryption = Maxx

2. I wish to achieve bhai level IQ one day.

3. Bhai has probably invented a new language.

Snack hack

4. And a new logic.


5. No shit, Sherlock


6. I’ll have what he is having.


7. Holy shit I’ll never look at the world the same way again.


8. Bhai Micropoetry bhi karte hai. Wow.


9. Did he just-


10. Words of wisdom, bhai, 2k14

9. Bhai also tests his fans by asking trick questions

10. Bhai kya wish karte hai.


11. My brain is numb

12. Crack, anyone?


13. Chal bas ab.



If you still have any doubt, it’s okay, haters gonna hate.


Bhai ki tweets ko samajhne ki koshish mat karna, sirf Twitter pe aati hai, samjh mei nahi.

14 Salman Khan Tweets That Will Prove Bhai = Roxxx

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