Rock On 2 Movie Review & Reaction. Should You Watch It?

Magik is back, and it’s time to Rock On again. GET PSYCHED!




The movie that so beautifully summed up our generation’s take on love, friendship and passion to achieve dreams in a musical drama eight years ago, is finally back to rock us again. It takes me right back to the time I decided to learn playing guitar so I could cover Socha Hai in school (I did!) and after watching Rock On 2, guess who’s going to pick up his guitar again to play Jaago? (hint: me)


Synopsis of the movie


The film tells the story of musicians and bands who grow and evolve through the narrative. They come on a common platform to put the spotlight on a larger issue.
Binding the storyline together is Magik and its three band members, Aditya, Joe and KD. Assuming a very different role from the first part, the three battle their own internal demons and strive to bring forth the genius of the younger generation through new sounds and tunes which could go on to become the melody of a new India. Adi (Farhan) has settled in Meghalaya and has got into tea plantation. He wants to expand his small labor of love in order to help the people of his village. He has hidden all his inner demons and set up this progressive small world here.
One night, when this small world of Adi turns upside down and is burnt to ashes, he is stranded all alone with his village orphaned. In order to save his small world, he must set on a journey to fight all his demons and restore his dream. The only way he knows how to do it is by performing music. Would Adi be able to achieve his dream?

What I think about Rock On 2: a review


2016 has been the worst year for sequels so far, and you can’t blame me for still trying to get over it *coughs* Independence Day *coughs* but Rock On 2 is a movie I’ve waited far too long for and I was truly hoping to not get disappointed.


Produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar under the banner of Excel Entertainment presented by Euros International, the movie opens with Purab Kohli’s Drummer KD telling us what others have been up to – Arjun Rampal’s Joe owns a successful club and judges one of those mind-numbing reality shows on TV and he couldn’t hate it more,


rockon2source: Youtube/ErosNow


KD himself makes jingles for a living, meanwhile Farhan Akhtar’s Adi is haunted by the death of a young singer he couldn’t help, seeking redemption he now lives a low life in Meghalaya, far away from the Mumbai life, music and the band they once called Magik.


rockon3source: youtube/erosnow


Comes our subplot, Jiah (Shraddha Kapoor), a pretty young ambitious singer whose musician father breathes only classical music. Through a not-so-surprising plot twist, she runs into the lives of our protagonists.


And it didn’t disappoint. Rock On has grown with time. Characters who were juvenile, full of hope and passion are now grown up, cynical and dealing with their demons. It’s exactly that build-up and contrast which gives the final act more meaning. The dialogues seemed a bit bland at some point, but it’s overall decent. The acting department is top-notch and Shraddha Kapoor doesn’t disappoint. The buzz about Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s let-down music is a sham, it’s the actual highlight of the movie but then, maybe people are too accustomed to Honey Singh’s item numbers, but hey that’s just me. I loved almost all songs, specially Jaago and Woh Jahan, which sold the goosebumps for me. Cinematography was decent, but specifically the locations in Shillong have been shot beautifully.


rockon5source: youtube/erosnow


In conclusion, yes,it isn’t the best movie of the year,  but Rock On 2 is a feels-packed musical drama that promises to give you the goose bumps of Rock On 1.  You should definitely watch with your friends or family this week.

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Rock On 2 Movie Review & Reaction. Should You Watch It?

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