Coolest & Most Creative Rangoli Designs Indians Made On Diwali

Supreme Court may have banned the sales of firecrackers, but the most fun tradition of Diwali festival is and always will be making Rangoli. People have been sharing their Rangolis on Twitter and Instagram this whole Diwali week, and so we have decided to curate the coolest and most creatives Rangolis we could find on social media. You might even get some motivation to make your own today! (we’ll keep updating the post throughout the day)


1. This is a beautiful throwback to Tom & Jerry.

via instagram/@khushali_gohel

2. Apparently, Game of Thrones Rangoli is a thing now and this one is for the House Stark.

via instagram/@neelam.guljarani

3. This is probably every DC fan’s rangoli dream.

via instagram/@tanu_kaushal

4. Can somebody make this at my home please lol

via instagram/@pul_kitkat


source: instagram/ @ihsojluhsna

6.They messed up Doraemon’s nose but this rangoli still looks cute af.

via instagram/@gaurav.jaiswal

7. How are people so talented it hurts.

8. Yeah, we see the irony.

via instagram/@panamaxinc

9. This one is from last year, but another one for House Stark.

source: instagram/@chandrabhanusolanki

10. What do you get when you add Halloween to Diwali? this.

source: instagram/@ck_s_arts


source: instagram/@chandrabhanusolanki

12. Padmavati Rangolis are effing cool!

source: instagram/@swaraa_007

13. Pikachu Rangoli, because who doesn’t like Pikachu!

source: titanium_boy

14. I don’t even understand what this is, but daaaaayuumnnn!

source: instagram/@immabeagleboy

15. Throwback to 2016 Rangoli which is a throwback to the 90’s. Throwception.

source: instagram/@shrutithakkar

16. How to talent ._.

source: instagram/@enjoy._.little._.things

17. Another gem from last year. Harry Potter fandom unite!

source: twitter/@k1ilustrator

18. I can’t make an attempt like this in 7 lifetimes lol.

19. Another one for House Stark.

20. Beautiful.

21. But the true Rangoli winner of this year is this person.

It’s so cryptic but people have finally decoded it.

Coolest & Most Creative Rangoli Designs Indians Made On Diwali

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