Padman Film Banned In Pakistan Because Of Its Taboo Subject

Padman film starring Akshay Kumar, Sonam Kapoor and Radhika Apte is getting a massive appreciation by Indians because the movie deals with a taboo subject and attempts to normalize conversations about menstruation and use of sanitary pads. But it got banned in Pakistan for the exactly same reason.

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Akshay Kumar & Sonam Kapoor in PadMan

As reported by Pinkvilla, a Pakistani film exhibitor says that the film Padman has been denied a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) due to its taboo subject. “Padman was initially bought by Amjad Rashid of IMGC but after he was shown the trailer, he was adviced not to import the film. Later HKC bought it and applied for NOC which was denied.”

When asked about their personal opinion, a senior executive from Pakistan said: “Well, you know how the mentality is in our Asian men towards periods and they don’t want to discuss this as it’s a taboo. Sadly.”

Akshay Kumar in Padman

Akshay Kumar in PadMan // via Scroll.in

Pakistani women who were actually looking forward to watch this movie are extremely furious about this decision. They are taking it to Twitter to express their disappointment.

Here’s what they are saying.








But Padman makers aren’t really bothered about this decision. “Pakistan as a territory is not a big one so even if Padman does not release there, it will not have any effect on the business of the film.”

Padman ban is absolutely ridiculous, Pakistan. It’s time you live in 2018 too.

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Padman Film Banned In Pakistan Because Of Its Taboo Subject

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