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This Hilarious New Meme Format In India Is Now Getting Out Of Hand

Do you remember how Professor Utonium unintentionally poured chemical X and created Powerpuff girls? well, something like that (not really) happened when a Twitter user named Emma tweeted this photo and unintentionally created a new meme format that turned social media into a battleground of iconics.


emmasource: twitter/@negansvoid


It all started from iconic duo of Kendall and Kylie Jennar, and it gradually pretty much spread to all the directions possible on Earth; iconic hugs, iconic selfies, iconic trio, iconic songs, iconic slaps and what not. It didn’t take long enough to get Indians up on this iconic bandwagon and you can already guess the result… yep, it was insanely hilarious.

Here are some of the best memes from this format in India:



iconic3source: twitter/@indian_stats



iconic7source: twitter/@Madan_Chikna



iconic6source: twitter/@mrtippler



iconic4source: twitter/@yearofrat



iconic9source: twitter/@theindianidiot



icon1source: www.theindianidiot.com




iconic5source: twitter/@tweeterrant


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iconic2source: twitter/@brownpeopledo



iconic14source: www.theindianidiot.com



iconic11source: twitter/@runjhunmehrotra



iconic10source: twitter/@theindianidiot



iconic8source: twitter/@beingtweet

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iconic1source: twitter/@brownpeopledo




iconic12source: twitter/@ghantaguy


Name a more iconic meme format. I’ll wait….



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