Piers Morgan Says Kabaddi Isn’t Real Sport. Indian Twitter & Viru Savagely Trolls Him

Piers Morgan Trolled By India & Sehwag Kabaddi

To bring you up to date with Sehwag-Piers Twitter battle, here’s a little recap.



So, here’s what Virender Sehwag tweeted after India beat England in Kabaddi World Cup 2016

viruoldsource: twitter/@virendersehwag


But Piers Morgan resorted to correcting Viru’s grammar.

viruold2source: twitter/@piersmorgan



Last night, Indian team beat Iran 38-29 and proudly won the Kabaddi World Cup for the third time in a row. Viru paji saw the opportunity and savagely took it. He didn’t just throw the shade, he threw the whole fkn tree at Piers.



Piers Morgan being Piers Morgan, famously known as KRK with a British accent, decided to stay in denial and just blatantly rejected Kabaddi’s existence as a sport.



Indian had just won the World Cup last night and a famous firangi like Piers Morgan decided to say it wasn’t even a real sport. If there’s one thing you should know about the people of Twitter is that they don’t forget & forgive shit easily. Especially when it comes to our country. All hell broke loose and Indian twitter trolled Piers Morgan so savagely, I’m sure the burn is going to last for a very long time if not forever.


Here are some of the best burns that prove Morgan piers se baat nahi maanega. (not even sorry)



morgan1source: twitter/@farzicricketer



morgan2source: twitter/@comedybanda



morgan3source: twitter/@madan_chikna


Remember when Piers Morgan went all out on Indians at the time of Rio Olympics?



morgan4source: twitter/@harinarayanan



morgan5source: twitter/@harinarayanan



morgan6source: twitter/@smokingskills_



morgan7source: twitter/@sirjadeja



morgan8source: twitter/@being_humor



morgan9source: twitter/@sirjadeja



morgan10source: twitter/@shanky_soni



morgan11source: twitter/@kiranks



morgan12source: twitter/@bhaagteraho



troll13source: twitter/@ghadvilaxman


Meanwhile, Piers Morgan’s order just arrived



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