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The Struggle Of Growing Up With Glasses in India Is Too Real

 “With Great Eye Power, Comes Great Struggle.”



We are no strangers to the struggles of growing up in India, but you know what’s harder? Growing up with glasses. To give you a little perspective, it’s like having a snapchat filter…. for life.

If you don’t think that’s terrible enough, just wait until you have to watch your favorite 3D movie with more glasses than your friends. Or when your friends constantly ask you how many fingers they are holding up. And if you’re not cleaning off your smudged lenses, you’re fanatically looking for them around the house, only to find out they have been sitting on your head all along.



When optometrist says “Beta, last line padhna zara” & you can’t see anything after “C”

Growing Up With Glasses India


When they keep asking you “Ye bta kitne?” “Chal ab ye bta kitne?” “haha woh finger nahi thumb tha”

Growing Up With Glasses India


Let’s get a clearer vision (what a pun, what a pun) to the struggles of growing up with glasses:


And kids, I call it, the glass paradox.

Just Indian Parents things

The struggle is real

The never ending cycle…..

“Which one is better?” “I DONT KNOW DON’T PRESSURIZE ME”



“Tujhey aise kaise dikhta hai?”

“Beta fruits khao, chashma utar jaayega” no.

When the real life video goes from 240p to 1080p suddenly

Me: “pause. Let me look for glasses” Murderer: “ok waiting”


But always remember

Growing Up With Glassessource: bbc

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