Just Because Kurkure Pizza Wasn’t Enough, Now We Have Gol Gappe Pizza

Gol gappe pizza

Just when you thought your Monday couldn’t get worse.


Close your eyes and just take a moment and think about how much you hate the new kurkure pizza by Pizza Hut. Okay, now think about how much Paneer Pizza makes you want to throw up. Great! now add them up. Multiply the result by 10000. And there you go, that’s probably how much you’re going to hate this pizza.


Brace yourselves, golgappe pizza is coming.


meg1source: twitter/@city_slicker_me

PPAP couldn’t miss this golden opportunity.


ppap1source: the indian idiot


The first rule of the pizza club is that you don’t put weird shit on the pizza. The second rule of the pizza club is that YOU DON’T PUT WEIRD SHIT ON THE PIZZA. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I am a huuuuge fan of gol gappe. But I am also a huge fan of Maggi and Rajma Chawal but you don’t see me mixing that shit up. Speaking of which, what’s next? Rajma chawal topping?


rajmapizzasource: the indian idiot


It’s obviously photoshopped but honestly, I think I just died a little inside. This madness needs to be stopped before aliens see this and decide to never visit the Earth.


As you might expect, people on twitter didn’t take this lightly either. (surprise, surprise)



piza1source: twitter/@sapanv



piza2source: twitter/@surtimayank



piza3source: twitter/@bhayanakpuppy



piza4source: twitter/@che_sinebycos




piza5source: twitter/@prakhar09



piza6source: twitter/@nikunj_96


piza7source: twitter/@askthepankazzzz



Before anyone else comes up with more ideas like this one, please don’t come up with more ideas like this one. Kurkure Pizza is enough torture for us pizza lovers. Thank you very much.





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