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Coldplay crowd at global citizen fest India

People Complaining & Making Jokes About Dead Crowd At Global Citizen Fest

Lighten up people, you’re the lucky ones who are gonna see Coldplay live, ffs.


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After months of speculations, hoaxes and heartbreaks, Coldplay is finally playing in India but unfortunately, most of us couldn’t attend the Global Citizen Festival. Comes VH1 to our rescue, you can watch the live stream and apparently, enjoy it more than the “zombie crowd” attending the event.


Chris Martin had 10000 times more energy than the whole crowd present at Global Citizen Festival. The crowd was so dull that Chris Martin kept asking them to turn off their phones. Well, people who couldn’t attend it, feel better, because you chose wisely.


Twitter has been buzzing with the live updates of the Coldplay concert all day, and most of the people seem to be unhappy about it so far. Mostly because of the poor management of the whole Global Citizen Fest and of course, the disinterested crowd.


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Here’s how people reacted and made jokes about the dull crowd at Global Citizen Festival:



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Chris Martin tried his level best to wake up the dead crowd and he did at some bits and it was beautiful when crowd finally sang the chorus of Fix You.


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cover source:  Anindya Agarwal

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