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22nd Friends Anniversary Special: The One With 30 Greatest, Funniest, Unforgettable Moments

On 22nd September, 22 years ago, a runaway bride called Rachel walked into Central Perk and interrupted a casual conversation between Ross, Joey, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe. Rest is history.


From constitutions to hairstyle trends, literally everything in the world has completely changed in the last 22 years. Except for one thing, of course, our collective never-ending love for Friends. It’s been 22 years, and Friends is still finding new audience everyday and making everyone laugh. Many new sitcoms have come up in the last decade but none of them has tickled our funny bone like Friends has. *coughs* how I met your mother *coughs* The Big Bang Theory *coughs*

Here’s to the group of Friends who are always there for us, even when our actual friends aren’t.


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To honor the 22nd anniversary of Friends, Let’s go down the memory lane and look at 30 greatest “Friends” moments ever:

1. The one with the first episode

moments1_source: pinterest


2. The one with Monica’s honest advice

moments2_source: pinterest



3. The one with fat Monica

moments3__source: pinterest



4. The one wi- PIVOT!!!!

moments4_source: pinterest


5. The one with Chandler’s sexy pose

moments5__source: pinterest



6. The one with Chandler’s sarcasm part 1

moments6_source: grabhouse



7. The one with Chandler’s sarcasm part 2

moments7__source: tumblr



8. The one where Ross tries to convince everyone he’s a doctor. Pffft. For Dinosaurs, maybe

moments11_source: twitter



9. The one with Joey’s new bag

moments12_source: pinterest



10. The one with Elaine

moments13_source: twitter


11. The one where Joey forgets his passport

moments14__source: tumblr



12. The one with literally the best pick-up line ever

moments22_source: twitter



13. The one with the electricity bills

moments17__source: pinterest


14.  The one with Dinosaur stuff

moments27_source: pinterest



15. The one with Phoebe’s smoooooth skills

moments24_source: tumblr



16. The one with uncomfortable talk

moments18__source: pinterest



17.  The one where Joey can’t see the irony

moments21__source: twitter



18. The one where I’m both of them at the same time

moments19__source: pinterest


19. The one where Joey is still lost

moments23_source: twitter



20. The one with Joey’s apple

moments25_source: tumblr



21. The one with Chandler’s sarcasm part 3

moments26_source: twitter



22. The one with Chandler’s sarcasm part 4

moments28_source: pinterest



23. The one with “Lipupu”

moments29_source: pinterest



24. The one with real life seen-zone

moments15_source: twitter



25. The one with Paper! Snow! A Ghost!

moments10__source: twitter



26. The one with 1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, 3 mississippi

moments9__source: tumblr



27. The one with Chandler’s self deprecating humor

moments16_source: 9gag


28. The one where shit got too real

moments_source: pinterest


29. The one where you could break up but joke’s worth it

moments8_source: twitter


30. The Last One. I’m not crying you’re crying

moments30_source: buzzfeed


It’s been 12 years since Friends completed its run, but here’s to hoping for an actual Friends reunion.



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