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All Your Favorite Horror Movies Hilariously Ruined On Halloween #MakeAHorrorFilmLessScary

What’s more fun than ruining all your favorite horror movies on Halloween night?


From reading Goosebumps every night back as a child to watching Lights Out first-day first-show as an adult, I have not really grown out of love for horror genre. And that love obviously doubles up on Friday The 13th and Halloween. But this year’s Halloween, people on the internet decided to shake things up and ruin all the horror movies for us. And I’ve to admit, really, it’s goddamn hilarious.


As a responsible citizen of the internet, I too decided to jump on the bandwagon and ruin some of my favorite horror movies. You’re welcome.

1. Drag Me To Hell.

scary12follow: @lain_a_cook


2. Ragini M&M’s 2

scary14source: theindianidiot


3. Paranormal Activity

 scary2follow: @cidthecoatrack

4.  The Exorcist



5. The Evil Dead

scary5follow: @rockyhashtag

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6. Raaz 2: the mystery continues



7.  The Conjuring

scary8follow: @thursday13th

8.  Darr @ The Mall



9.  JAWS

scary3follow: @sprinklepetunia

10. Snakes On A Plane



11. The Conjuring

scary19via Ravi Ghimire

12. Phoonk



13. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

scary7follow: @lordfawlty

14. I Know What You Did Last Summer

scary9follow: @spf_zer0

15. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

scary1follow: @justinjoecomedy


16. Scream

scary11follow: @misstamerika

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