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What Happens In Desi Weddings Summed Up In These 17 Hilarious Tweets

Indian weddings are all about the beginning of a special relationship between the bride & the groom and their incredible lov- LOL , Indian weddings are just about food, dance, selfies, and some more food.


India is famous for a lot of things like spicy food, dance, culture, clothes, traditions and you know where you find all those things at the same time? Indian weddings. On top of all that, Indian wedding isn’t even a one day event. It’s like a test match that goes on for about 5 days with fancy lunch and tea break. Speaking of which, the food, you will find everything there. Samosas? check. Pizzas? check. Gol Gappe? check. Dosa? check. Fat? check.

If you’re going as a guest to the wedding, you will know two people: the bride and the groom. And if you are lucky, you may know the bride’s parents or the groom’s. Now, if you ARE the bride or groom, you’d know like 5-6 people at the wedding: the person you’re marrying, their parents, and yourself. Wait, actually, sometimes you might not even know the person you are marrying. Yep, that’s Indian weddings for ya.


Now that we have established what shaadis are all about, let’s summarize it with these hilarious tweets.



shaadi4follow: @askthepankazzzz



shaadi1follow: @brownpeopledo



shaadi2follow: @indian_stats



shaadi3follow: @ra_bies



shaadi5follow: @winkerbell_



shaadi6follow: @saniyazing



shaadi7follow: @smanak



shaadi8follow: @dailyvelli


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shaadi9follow: @inaumandogar



shaadi10follow: @desihumour



shaadi11follow: @supaarwoman



shaadi12follow: @bhayanakpuppy



shaadi13follow: @haramiparindey



shaadi15follow: @commondesidude



follow: @haramiparindey




follow: @mainbhiengineer


follow: @aksharpathak

Indian weddings are insanely fun and the best thing you will do all year long. Feel free to cry if you’re not Indian.


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