Coldplay coming to India for Global Citizen Festival & the tickets are FREE

A moment of silence for all the people who sold their kidneys yesterday, for Coldplay’s concert.


Houston, we don’t have a problem anymore. After months of continuous speculations and rumors, the question mark over “Is Coldplay coming to India?” was officially removed by Global Citizen last night.



codoffSource: @GlblCtzn on Twitter


On World Toilet Day, 19th November, they are hosting first-ever Global Citizen festival in India. Just like the annual edition of Global Citizen festival at Central Park, NY, it will have a great line-up of international celebrities including, of course, Coldplay.


In contrary to what Mid-Day viral article seemed to claim yesterday, the tickets are gonna be absolutely FREE.






It’s simple, people will have to earn those tickets by contributing to social causes like Education, Equality, Sanitation. Fans will have to contribute by tweeting, sharing links, sharing mails, uploading videos, signing online petitions.  Taking those actions will allow you to enter into the draw and you can win free tickets. All in all, you don’t have to sell your kidney anymore. (unless you’re planning to buy iPhone 7)



In 2014, our very own Prime Minister, Modi ji was called to speak at Global Citizen festival in New York. And only after 2 years, Global Citizen festival is coming to India. Seriously, you still asking about Acche din?



Later at night, Global Citizen Indian handle tweeted this:


global citizen india twittersource: @glblctznIN on twitter



While the BIG REVEAL stays a mystery, it’s clear that starting Monday, tickets to Global Citizen festival in India can be earned by signing up to be a Global Citizen and completing the required action campaigns at GlobalCitizen.IN


And that kids, is how you can see Coldplay live in Mumbai for FREE. Now let’s observe a moment of silence for Indian fans who don’t live in Mumbai.


gifcoldsource: tumblr

News Source: Global Citizen



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