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The Struggle Only Indian Brothers & Sisters Will Truly Understand

The Struggle Only Indian Brothers & Sisters Will Truly Understand

Why do we have sisters? Because life is way easier when your best friend and worst enemy are the same person.


Raksha bandhan is here! the day brothers take pledge to protect their sisters from any kind of harm. Given how skinny I am, I think I’m the one who needs some protection, to be honest.


No matter how many times your sister has treated you like a lab rat & applied all the beauty products on your face or the times you missed the starting of your favorite movie because she took too long to apply make-up or the times she stole the chocolate you had carefully hidden in the fridge or the times she told mom about your marksheet or the times she woke you up because there was a chhipkali in the bathroom or the times she told embarrassing stories about you to your friends or the times she took half your maggi or the times sh- wait….. what was I talking about, again?


want more? here are the funniest tweets that will make you want to hug and punch your sibling simultaneously


You can hate them all you want, but you also know that nobody can love you as much as your sisters do. Here’s a post dedicated to them!


Unwritten rule: You must never praise your sister for her cooking skills

bhai behen new 5


Baal, Baal, everywhere!

bhai behen new 3



Don’t even deny she has never done this to you. Just don’t.

bhai behen new 1




bhai behen 7



Facepacks to make up. We’ve all been there.

bhai behen new 8



Seriously? what are these weird black things?

bhai behen new 2



Sister: Because you should know your colors.

bhai behen new 4



Every single time!

bhai behen new 6


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