15 Funniest, Cleverest and Heartbreaking Moments From Breaking Bad

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It’s been 3 Methless years since Breaking Bad ended and it’s still one of the greatest TV shows of all time.


An uptight high school chemistry teacher breaks bad when he finds out about cancer and turns into a meth kingpin. The plot is absolutely amazing, but what’s more amazing is the storytelling, direction, acting and almost every aspect of this show. It’s really no wonder why it’s considered to be one of the best TV shows of all time, if not the best.


It’s been three long years since Heisenberg bid us farewell and Jesse finally broke free. On this occasion, let’s go down the memory lane and look at the 15 funniest, Cleverest and heartbreaking moments from Breaking Bad:



1.  Two Bros Breaking Bad

bb9_Source: AMC / Via



2. What you call it is moo point, pfft.




3. “I was alive.”

bb1__source: twitter



4. One of the most beautiful scenes, tbh

bb12_source: pinterest




5. The last 3 episodes were heartbreaking

bbnewsource: tumblr


6. Walter White being savage af, like always





7. The most iconic dialogue from Breaking Bad

bb7_source: 9gag



8. Don’t even tell me you didn’t cry watching this scene.

bb15_source: tumblr



9. Oh Jesse!

bb8_source: buzzfeed



10. When you realize the meaning of the last episode’s name

bb13_source: Twitter: @likeavillasboas



11. Vince Gilligan is a genius.

bb14_source: buzzfeed




12. Same scene thrice, and he finally answers it in Felina




13. My eyes are just sweating

bbnew2source: tumblr


14. His reactions are priceless





15. Hank’s last words

bbnew3source: tumblr


16. Which he did, actually, to save Jesse in the final episode




17. Coin flip is sacred, bitch

bb10_source: tumblr



18. We all know you cried

bbnew4source: tumblr


19. “Special love I have for you… baby blue.”





Meanwhile, Hector is sitting there like




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