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Back to Hogwarts Harry Potter Twitter Tweets

Potterheads Are Going Back To Hogwarts Today & Twitter Exploded With Nostalgia

Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”


Attention everyone! today is September 1. You know why it’s so special…


Pfft! not you Muggles. We know you’re in your concrete little box you like to call college, where pictures on the wall don’t talk, stairs don’t move and where they teach you math & science instead of how to turn somebody into a rat. What a shame.

No, we’re talking to the Potterheads, yes, all the Wizards & Witches who are reading this on their phones using the new magical wifi of Hogwarts Express while eating every last bit of Chocolate Frogs & Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans.


But hey, wait, for Muggles who stumbled on this post & are all confused by this #BackToHogwarts chatter & asking “What’s so special about September 1?” I’m glad you asked. Grab a chair and sit back.


September 1 is the day all wizards & witches go to King’s Cross and run straight at the wall between platform 9 & 10



(Okay, yes, it doesn’t have a 100% success rate. Thank you, Dobby)

25 Years ago today Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger met for the first time on Hogwarts Express


(Feeling old yet?)



It’s the day Hogwarts year officially begins & first year students are sorted into their Hogwarts houses

sortttsource: tumblr



September 1 is the day it all started. Hence, you can understand our excitement.



As you might expect, Twitter exploded in nostalgia with #BackToHogwarts feels this morning. Here are some of the best tweets you ought to read before you reach Hogwarts.

Accio Tweets!



backtohogwarts1__Source: Twitter via @HarryPotterings



backtohogwarts8__Source: Twitter via @RecklessKissing



backtohogwarts6_Source: Twitter via @HogwartsLogic






backtohogwarts2__Source: Twitter via @PotterReacts



backtohogwarts10_Source: Twitter via @_HPFans_



backtohogwarts11__1472689964_120.57.249.240Source: Twitter via @_HPFans_



back1__Source: Twitter via @halfbloodtweet



backtohogwarts9__Source: Twitter via @_snape_



back2__1472690505_120.57.249.240Source: Twitter via @_Potterhistories_




backtohogwarts4__Source: Twitter via @adampcrrish

Well, I prefer to live in denial. I’m a wizard and I’m going back to Hogwarts today. See you later Muggles!


mugglessource: tumblr




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