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18 Years Of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai: Revisit Funniest & Emotional Moments In These 20 Memes

Movie opens with a scene that just sets you right up for an emotional roller-coaster. Rahul is in a hospital with dying Tina. And boy, she’s talking some emotional stuff.. I can’t deal with this. (+100 points to Shahrukh Khan’s acting)




And then movie jumps 8 years ahead in time. Rahul and Tina’s daughter Anjali is 8 years old and she’s overly sanskari.



And then comes the most emotional scene of the movie. If you didn’t cry watching it, I’m sorry if nobody told you but you’re not human.




So, yeah, get this, apparently, Tina has left a few letters for Anjali, which she gets one on every birthday. And for her 8th birthday, Tina has planned a fun adventure for her: Let’s find your douche dad a wife




And then we go back in time… (seriously, though, is this a ‘Back to the future’ movie?) When Rahul and Anjali were in a college and they were literally everyone’s friendship goals. EVERYONE’S.




After 0.210 nano second




Aaaaand comes Tina. Grew up in London. New to college. Looking for friends. Guess what happens next? she bumps into Rahul, of course.


kokokokoksource: Imaan Sheikh


He instantly feels “kuch kuch” for her. Tries to act cool to impress her. Fails miserably.




Comes the most quoted line from the movie. He’s like Ted Mosby of Bollywood.




They have fun and stuff for a while




But then Anjali starts to get jealous of Tina. Tries to be like her.




Fails miserably.




And Anjali’s heart toots into thousand pieces


weepy3source: mensxp


Followed by Geeta Maa’s dance


weepysource: mensxp


She leaves them both forever… I’m not crying you’re crying




Story finished. Adventure begins. Side note: This is the funniest scene of the movie.




Rahul goes to the summer camp to keep a check on Anjali BUT


chestsource: mensxp


Little Anjali makes them play B-Ball to revive their fraandship. That little genius.


kkhh8_source: imaan sheikh


A little rain, a little dance. Comes one of the most romantic Bollywood scene ever.




And finally, the moral, love doesn’t make sense.


kkhhlast__source: imaan sheikh


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