12 Types Of Indian Teachers We All Know From School Life

Types of Indian Teachers

Let’s be honest, we all hated most our teachers in school. They made stand on the bench, threw us out of the class, made fun of us in front of the whole class, called us hopeless and lazy, made us do homework on weekends, and basically tried everything in their control to make our lives miserable.

But now that school is over and I look back at those times, I realize that for better or worse, teachers actually played a huuuuge role in shaping the lives we are living today.

For old time’s sake, here’s a list of 12 types of Indian Teachers we all had in school:

The Lazy Teacher

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Traits: The moment she entered the classroom, she’d call out for her favorite student and ask them to read the chapter out loud for the whole class. More often than not, you caught her sleeping in the class. Basically, she was to your class what Rahul Gandhi is to Lok Sabha.

Solution: You know how they say only sleep can beat sleep? (i say that) yeah, so, you sleep too.

Catchphrase: Beta, start reading from page 21, paragraph 2. Read loudly. Don’t make any noise, I’m watching you all. *and she sleeps*



Every Student’s Nightmare

Types of teachers in India


Traits: This teacher was the lord Voldemort of your school. It was implied that everybody knew about them, everybody hated them, everybody was afraid of them. Your seniors told you scary stories about them, like how they had once injured a student so bad that the student left school. When they called out your name in the class, you know the shit was real.

Solution: Stay low, stay under the radar, soldier. You do what they said of you want to survive. NEVER BUNK THEIR CLASS.

Catchphrase: “Kal kyun absent the?” “I want pin drop silence in the class”



The Englees The Speaking A Teacher

Types of Teachers in India


Traits: Really appreciate them trying to speak English but let’s be honest for a moment, it was so terrible that Rakhi Sawant could speak better English than them.

Solution: Don’t ever laugh while they are trying to speak English, because if catch you, they will talk directly to you. Eye contact. English. Oops.

Catchphrase: “Keep quiet! principal just passed away in the corridor.”


The Clueless Teacher



Traits: She was literally the worst and the best teacher ever. Best because she was new, nobody was scared of her, she was always nice to you, she never checked your homework, she even let you eat lunch before the break and most importantly, she was youngest of the lot & understood kids. Worst because…. well, she didn’t really know how to teach and you had to learn everything on your own. The pain was double if she were your math/science teacher. So what she wasn’t a great teacher, at least she was loved. (Yes, that’s right, Neha ma’am. Love you)

Solution: Find a Youtuber who teaches that subject well.

Catchphrase: When you asked her a question: “You look it up on the internet. Let’s see if you can find. It’s an exercise. I’ll ask you in the next class.”


The First Crush

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Traits: Speaking of love, this teacher was every guy’s first crush & every girl’s fashion mentor. Your attendance was above 75% only because no matter how pathetic teacher she was, you always attended her class just to stare & smile at her. Guys always asked her if she taught any extra classes after school BUT NOPE. NO LUCK.

Solution: Just smile & stare, boys. Just smile & stare.

Catchphrase: When you were lost staring at her: “Oi! Wake up. I’m talking to you!”

Teacher Who Couldn’t Pronounce Names During Attendance



Traits: If he took a little pause before calling out your name during the attendance, you knew the whole class was gonna laugh at you.

Solution: Get your name changed lol

Catchphrase: “beta, what is the meaning of your name?”


The Club Incharge Teacher

Types of Teachers in India


Traits: This teacher was to you what American parents are to their kids… ALWAYS ABSENT. She was incharge of either drama club or whatever,  and she made it her life mission to promote the club even while teaching. She had a favorite kid in the class, who was also a part of her club. Smh.

Solution: If you want good grades, you have to make sacrifices. Just volunteer to help her club activity once.



The Talker Teacher

Types of Teachers in India


Traits: If Arnab Goswami was a teacher in India, he’d most definitely be The Talker Teacher. From talking about the theory of relativity to their favorite Indian food, they just couldn’t stop. Even after the bell had rung, they’d stay in the class for 10 mins more.

How to deal: While being talkative can stifle a student’s opportunity to learn, Just do your best to keep the Talker Teacher going: the more the teacher talks, the less you have to work.

Catchphrase: “Stay seated. Only 2 minutes more.”


The South Indian Teacher

Types of Teachers in Indiasource: mensxp


Traits: Let’s be honest, they were the smartest of the lot, but because of their regional accent, they were made fun of the most. It was a tough time to get used to it in the start but by the end of the year, you could easily nail the south Indian accent. Yem I right?

Solution: Not available.

Catchphrase: “Ye ladka bahot hi bodmas hai.”

The One With The Rules

one at a time__

Trait: It was because of those teachers your “Mah lyf mah rulzz” changed to “My teacher, their rules.” They made too many rules, and if you didn’t follow them, you faced the consequences at the PTM.

Solution: Don’t be a Hermione who loves to break rules, if you don’t want your bones to break.

Catchphrase: “But did you ask for my permission? go back outside the class and ask me again.”

The Ancient Teacher

budhiisource: mensxp

Traits: This teacher was literally too old to teach. Every time she sneezed or coughed, you’d get scared for her life. Don’t get me wrong, she was a great person probably. She was always kind hearted.. but damn, she needed to stay at home.

Solution: Hope she gets through the day

Catchphrase: “Ye bacche aajkal ke…”

Some Special Mentions

The Usain Bolt of Speaking



Usain bolt of speaking part 2

Types of Indian Teachers



To all those teachers who made us stand on the bench, threw us out of the class, called us lazy and hopeless…… you were right, we’re still hopeless lol. Thank you for making our childhood full of amazing moments. Happy Teachers Day!


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